A Tale Of Two Pies

It was the best of pies, it was the worst of pies…sometimes even a recipe you’ve made a million times, a signature dish, a go to move, something you can make in your sleep, turns out so poorly it wakes you right up out of our baking slumber. This week, I was invited to a backyard bbq fundraiser at Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s house, and when your go to The Mayor’s house, you don’t go empty handed.

I wanted to bring my apple pie which is actually Martha Stewart’s Classic Apple Pie. I set about the crust making, the apple slicing, the dough rolling out,  while only giving a glance or two at the recipe I’d looked at a thousand times. Maybe I was a little cocky, because after realizing I’d forgotten to dot the apples with butter before closing up the pie, I just pushed some butter through the air vents. Wrong! I put the pie in the oven and  as it baked away,  I thought, how bad can it be? It has a crust and it has apples. Hard to mess that up. Then I realized I’d missed at least 3 steps. I forgot the flour in with the apples, I forgot the butter, I forgot to chill the pie after I had it assembled…and I set the oven to the wrong temperature! Crikey! By the time I rescued The Mayors pie, I elected to bake another.

Well Yeah I Still Ate A Slice!

This time I just slowed the whole process down and didn’t try and get ahead of myself. Instead of picturing myself waltzing into The Mayor’s with a Martha worthy pie, I pictured every step of the process as it happened.

And if that isn’t a recipe for life, I don’t know what is.

How About Them Apples?


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One Response to A Tale Of Two Pies

  1. Jennifer says:

    I recently made a pie from apples from my very own apple tree. And it was the best apple pie I’ve ever had!

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