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Let’s Make Cookies Mean Something This Year!

No Scrooges allowed: it really is the most wonderful time of the year. The cookies are baked, the candy is made, the treats have been placed in their pretty packages and it’s time to harness up Santa’s sleigh and get … Continue reading

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Walk Out To Winter

Perhaps because it’s the first day of winter or because the holidays are here, or maybe it was the diminutive show by the diminutive Prince I saw on Monday night, but I have been missing my Minnesota home so much … Continue reading

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Eat To The Beast

Kevin is reading a new book. It’s called Linchpin and he tells me the general premiss is that to be invaluable to an organization, you need to be a linchpin and to be a linchpin you must think of the … Continue reading

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What’s Fudge Got To Do With It?

You think baking is a precise science? Try candy making! There’s no fudging candy. I know this because I’ve tried and failed; wasted expensive ingredients, ruined pots and pans and nearly poisoned Kevin, all because I pretended I knew how … Continue reading

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Super G, my former employer’s former Promotion’s Director, and I went to see Sting at The Paramount Theatre last night. We both enjoyed being at the show as private citizens; not trying to optimize our lobby presence or man-handle artists … Continue reading

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Love & Theft

A couple of years ago, I got inspired to make the beautiful, festive, Candy Cane Cookies above. The recipe isn’t hard but it’s labor intensive: the rolling and the chilling and the twisting and the chilling, and the baking and … Continue reading

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Show Me The Meaning Of The Word

What languages do you speak? Probably more than you realize. I speak a few common ones like English and French, a few obscure ones like Selector and MusicMaster, and one very handy one: Ikea instructions. Seriously, I’m fluent. When Kevin … Continue reading

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