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Why Must I Chase The Cat?

It’s the return of Hey Genius. Unfamiliar with HG? In a nutshell, Hey Genius is a little web-based showcase for crazy ideas John Fisher and I come up with that we have no intention of bringing to frutiion. These ideas … Continue reading

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You Say It’s Your Birthday (Cake)

So where were we? I baked those fabulous Super Bowl Cookies and then… went on an extended hiatus. Call it baking burn out, writer’s block, career minded hoop jumping, or culinary complacency, but I kind of ran out of steam. … Continue reading

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Super Freak

One day a year my two great passions come together in a knock down, smash mouth, gut check collision of football and baking. For NFL players (and smart advertisers), Superbowl Sunday is the pinnacle achievement, but it’s a wildly significant … Continue reading

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Let’s Cut The Crepe And Hook Up Later Tonight

While many people do consider my mom a goddess, no one would ever mistake her for the domestic goddess, Martha Stewart. My mom is southern, and to my knowledge, not a felon (not that there’s anything wrong with that). She’s … Continue reading

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