C’mon In My Kitchen

Mary White Samples Icelandic Fare (Not Puffin!)

Dream come true! On Friday at my*real job*we launched a new feature that will shortly be transformed into a podcast for you to subscribe to and enjoy at your leisure. The Pantry Raid founder Mary White, who comes right into your home to teach you cooking skills, and I hosted our first episode of The Pantry Raid Live, where we’ll talk about food, cooking, and eating in Seattle every week on Fridays at 11am.

If you missed today’s installment, you missed Mary and I devising a new slogan for Iceland Airlines, discussing the pitfalls of penguin eating, and how to save money on your Thanksgiving booze. Plus a little tease from Mary about a 50 Shades Of Grey Cooking Class. Grrrr. Listen:

Pantry Raid Live – November 9th, 2012 by Jet City Stream


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One Response to C’mon In My Kitchen

  1. michaelm@synergianw.com says:

    This is great! Look Out! Michael

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