You Say You Want A Resolution

If you made or are making a New Year’s Resolution, you are part of a tradition dating back to the ancient Romans. In fact, the God of the new year, Janus, is where the word January comes from. Janus is depicted with two faces, one looking forward, one looking backward.

I don’t recommend looking backward. Forward is where the fun is. Many years ago after tons of typical New Year’s resolutions that ended up being forgotten by February, I made one great one: have more fun. Best resolution ever. So good, it was my one and only for a decade. I began to measure everything by the amount of fun I was having, and believe me, that is a scale you want to tip in your favor.

Then, year before last I resolved to do a backflip. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. I’d never done one. But I just put the energy out there and let the universe rip. By March I’d done 2 backflips while ziplining with my Montana family in Big Sky.

And by June I was backflipping my way through trapeze class with Super G.

So what if I was harnessed in securely both times? One of the great things about making a broad resolution is that you get to decide if you’ve accomplished it. I felt like I’d back flipped beyond my wildest imagination.

On the flipside, I decided I hadn’t accomplished my 2011 goal of seeing an owl even though I got multiple owl related cards and gifts for Christmas. As much as I love my budding owl art collection, I wanted to see a real live owl in the wild. I visited all the owl hotspots, too, but it wasn’t my year, so I’m taking a do over in 2012.

I hope you’ll consider treating yourself to a fun resolution in 2012. Leave all the measurable goals on the spreadsheet where they belong and just have more fun than you did last year. That should be very easy to accomplish, right?


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6 Responses to You Say You Want A Resolution

  1. Jeri Oien says:

    This is so lovely! Congrats on the backflip(s) and think about this, an Owl may be watching over you even if you don’t see it…I like the idea that you are just that close to your goal!
    So my New Year’s resolution last year was to drink at least one glass of champagne every month. There are always things you can celebrate! And you know what, I bought a house, I spent more time with the people I loved and I spent more time being grateful for the little things. Amazing and wonderful what a promised glass of bubbly can do for your prospects! Cheers to you Shawn and your continued success in backflips, hoot owls, baking, and fun! I’m rootin’ for you! Love, Jeri

  2. Elisabeth Buccino says:

    My favorite, and most successful, New Year’s resolution was to cook more Indian food… I started doing it about once a week and for the most part continue to do so. YUM YUM.

    This year I intend to rehab my knees (first injured at 14!) and start jogging.

    Thanks for sharing the back flip idea! I think that might be too much for me but looks awfully fun.

  3. Larry Rosenthal says:

    You’re on a roll, Shawn. I miss your voice, I gotta say, and hearing you in my head as I’m reading these is nice, but not a substitute. These blog posts are wonderful. Thanks again and again.

  4. jodi brothers says:

  5. I have a piece of artwork which your owl photo inspired. I have attached a link. to your page here, to the piece of artwork and I also thought/hoped you might like to see it as well.

    May many blessing fall upon you!

  6. Penny Whitcomb says:

    There are gorgeous Snowy Owls wintering at Ocean Shores on Damon Point. We made a day trip in November and saw 6 wild Snowy Owls. They are beautiful and huge and the first wild owls that I had ever seen. You should take the opportunity, since they only come down this far quite rarely. They also are out in the daylight!!

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