Mind Games

Let’s be honest, lying is a riot. I love telling tall tales. My tales get so tall you could get a nose bleed just from hearing them. At the New Year’s Eve party Kevin and I attended, I was tempted to write the words “I am a compulsive liar” on a Post It note and stick it into the bowl where all the guests had been instructed to place 3 facts about ourselves nobody else would know as part of a parlor game. I thought it would be fun to watch someone try to figure out the liar’s identity and when they asked if it was me, I’d say, “No.”

I was also tempted to lie and say I’d made that beautiful, festive cake pictured above. (It came from Met Market) Even though I didn’t know everyone at the party, enough people there knew about my passion for baking, so was I admitting some kind of defeat by bringing a store-bought cake? I could probably have gotten away with it…the lying.  But I didn’t, make the cake or lie about it. I did put those pretty candles on though.

I also made these festive Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies. Well, to be honest, I bought the cookies at Uajimaya. But I did do the dipping. I recommend making these when you need something fast and foolproof. All you need to do is melt chocolate (semisweet is best) on your stove or in your microwave, dip the cookies in to coat, set them on wax paper and let them dry either on the counter or in the fridge. I decorated the almond flavored fortune cookies with a sprinkle of nonpareil, too. If someone asks you if you made the cookies, you have my permission to say, “Yes.”

(Did you know you can go online and get personalized fortune cookies made? I did it for the Year of The Kev Party I threw for Kevin a few years back and they were a huge hit)

The New Year’s Party was wonderful, and I hope yours was as well. It was also nice not to start 2012 with a big fib hanging over my head. But if I told you I’d resolved to stop spinning my yarns, I’d totally be lying.



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One Response to Mind Games

  1. Jennifer says:

    I had no idea you were such a big liar. But then again, I’m not sure I believe you.

    My standard line for queries about whether I made something I bought at the store is, “Well, sort of. I made the money to buy it.” 🙂

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