Work, Hike, Bake, Death


I spent last Thanksgiving at my mom’s home in the mountains outside Asheville, North Carolina with my Aunts, Uncles, cousins, sister Robin, her family and some family friends. It was a good old-fashioned country Thanksgiving complete with macaroni and cheese made by my nephew Ryan, pictured above. I might have actually shed a tear over that mac and cheese after decades of vegan Thanksgivings.

After supper, we we headed down the road to Uncle Cliff’s house for dessert, football, and comas. Ryan grabbed my cell phone and looked through a year’s worth of my photos and said, “Aunt Shawn, all you do is work, bake, and hike.” To which I replied, “What else is there?” And while it was odd to have your life boiled down to the essential via cellphone, I bet if you grabbed your cellie and gave your year in pictures the once over, you’d get a good sense of what’s important to you, too.

So from my archives…

Work usually looks something like this. Brandi Carlile playing my uke in my office.


Baking, to be honest, it’s most often a pie.


And the hikes, on a good day, look like this.


Work, bake, hike: my holy trinity. Is there a word for just two now that rock stars don’t hang out in my office, and in fact, I don’t even have an office? In radio, we’d call it a duopoly. But I think I’ll go with dynamic duo. Tomorrow I’m planning to bake the world’s best banana bread and another batch of my Christmas cookies to freeze for later, and who knows, if there’s time after that, maybe a little run up Rattlesnake Ridge.


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2 Responses to Work, Hike, Bake, Death

  1. Larry Rosenthal says:

    Leaving death aside, thanks, work, bake, hike describe the things you love. Please don’t look beyond these three – with the tacit understanding that work for Shawn must entail consuming, absorbing, researching, investigating, disseminating and quietly pontificating music – when it’s time to figure out what’s next. When the photos on the phone don’t include it all – well, you know. Says a guy with a phone with no photos.

  2. Nancylee says:

    Congrat’s on your postive approach to life, Shawn. But, I think it so important you know how much your musical talent and perspective will be missed every Tuesday! I’m still quite surprised to have learned about it yesterday (thanks Jodi). I look forward to meeting you on your blog. You’re off to an awesome start – I can’t stop reading and I’m enjoying every word. Party on!

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